Five Design Tips for Creating a Timeless Bathroom

Thanks to the experts at Crossan Building Services, bathroom renovations in Ipswich and other regions all over Brisbane have now been made a total breeze. The following five design tips simply serve as just a few ways in which you can effortlessly transform the look of your bathroom into one that is both elegant and timeless.

Neutral Shades, Not Trendy Hues
Timeless styles look to neutral palettes and classic hues because nothing’s more dated than last season’s colour. Keep things interesting with black and white stone tiles – creating a dramatic look – or opt for a nautical theme by adding a touch of colour in navy, red, and white tones.

What Do You Love?
Choose materials and colours that you yourself love – ideally ones you’ve liked for ages – to avoid having a bathroom you can’t stand to spend time in a few years down the track. Dreamed of a roll top bath with legs or a classic marble bathroom? These are both looks that haven’t gone out of style.

Look to the Stars
Create a timeless bathroom by channelling cinema’s own golden age and classic celebrities. Typically spotted in highly elegant marble bathrooms, these designs would definitely not look out of place today.

Go With White Fittings
The ever popular white bathroom fittings work wonders for a timeless look: it’s also much cheaper and easier to alter your bathroom’s surroundings than it is to change the fixtures and fittings when it comes time to renovate.

Quality Materials Only
Unlike poor quality materials, strong and well put together materials can last lifetimes: they’re less likely to chip, dull, or fade, and they often weather well. A major advantage of a stone bathroom is that it doesn’t change with time or require extra care: this truly ensures you have a timeless bathroom design.

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