W & D Castray – Westlake Qld 4064


We first met Stuart of “CROSSAN BUILDING Services” in October 2010 when we contacted him for a few relatively routine maintenance issues that had accumulated in our 10 year old house. No item was too small. He carried out this work so efficiently that we asked him advise about our existing pool deck. The original Builder had left us with a low grade deck that did not match the rest of the property.

“No Worries” said Stuart and proceeded to give us a reasonable quote and perform the new, More ambitious work. He did a great job.

The job was tested when the house was hit a month later by the January 2011 Floods which devestated the lower level of our house on the river. The only item left standing, unmoved was the pool deck. Stuart turned up with some ‘assistants’ without being asked and spent some days helping us remove the mud from the lower level. The back patio sliding door had been smashed out and Stuart quickly boarded up the place to make it secure. Then he worked to have the internal plaster walls removed to allow the house to dry out. He pointed out that dis infecting the house with  chlorine or other abrasive chemicals would cause corrosion to structural components electrical wiring etc. He researched the issue and provided a superior answer. It was our home, and we wanted a good job with people we could work with. Stuart worked with us, spending long hours in discussing improved solutions and came up with several practical ideas to improve the house. The restored house was better than the original. It was on time and we were happy with the budget.

As luck would have it we had been comfortable with the river location and our son had a house on the river nearby. It had suffered the same fate in the flood. It was, prior to the flood, in the category of the worst house on the best street. With Stuart, we essentially redesigned and He rbuilt the house in a major upgrade. It is now a far superior house and one of the best in the street (our opininion shared by our neighbour). By the way, in short order he came with his bob-cat and excavator and the landscaping was re-orientated and greatly improved.

One more thing: Stuart is himself a Jack of all trades. He has many skills. Of course he has contacts with most trades. Strange to say the contractors he brought on board, electricians, plumbers, tilers etc. had the same quiet competence that had been evident in Stuart’s work. He has good relationship with suppliers.

I am trying to think of something to say to offset the above very favorable comments in case you thought we were a little one sided. The best i can come up with is that dealing with a perfectionist who has improved our homes in big ways and small is sometimes a little trying.


Warren & Denyse Castray.

Westlake Qld (11 Dec 2012)


W & D Castray - Westlake Qld 4064

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