The Benefits of Open Plan Living Spaces

Many years ago, homes were designed with lots of separate rooms, the idea being the more rooms the better. This is no longer the case as the combination of smaller block sizes and entertaining focused lifestyles means that modern homes are now designed and built with open floor plans. Most people who renovate older homes will elect to knock down at least one wall for the same reasons. There is no doubt open plan living is officially in and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere!

Open plan living boasts many benefits. It creates a seamless flow of living which makes it much easier to move throughout the home and communicate with your family and guests. It means you can be in the kitchen cooking dinner and still watch the TV in the lounge room; something that isn’t always possible in older style homes where the lounge and dining rooms were separated from the kitchen with walls and doors.

Open plan spaces also allow more light to flow through the home. Natural light from the windows can travel further with open plan living and non natural light isn’t restricted to just one room. One of the first things people notice when they knock down a wall in the home is how much brighter the space feels.

Houses built with open plan spaces give the appearance of more space. For example, the same size area will look much smaller if divided into two rooms, rather than leaving it open. As the population grows and high density living increases, more and more people are opting to go for open plan homes to create the feel of more space, even if they don’t have much.

If you would like to know more about open plan living or wish to improve your home with a brand-new renovation, contact our renovation building team today!

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