The Hidden Dangers & Costs of DIY Renovations

When it comes to any form of DIY renovation, there exist a whole host of hidden dangers and ultimately expensive costs in choosing this seeming cost effective building method. Without the expert knowledge of a fully qualified industry professional, following the correct safety measures and risk avoidance protocols are less likely to happen when any individual decides to undertake DIY work. There’s a reason tradespeople and highly efficient Brisbane builders are always in such high demand: their industry requires dedication, hard work, and thorough quality assurance – all the while underpinned by the strictest and tightest of safety measures. These protocols aren’t put into place to slow building down: they are always carefully considered and implemented accordingly in order to ensure the safety of workers, staff, and every single other individual out there on the work site. This includes the very real danger of encountering Asbestos in addition to safely handling and disposing of it.

DIY work – be it comprehensively renovating a bathroom or performing a total kitchen makeover in Brisbane – can, in theory, seem like a great way to save big: you don’t have to pay contractors, wait around and depend on their schedules; you can work at your own pace, there’s no rush or stress… Wrong! More often than not, DIY work ends up taking far longer than expected: in some cases, it can last years or even go totally unfinished indefinitely. In the long run, amateur DIY work performed impractically and without the proper set of tools, know-how, and industry leading experience can essentially end up costing you far more than you could ever possibly imagine due to mistakes made. Inexperience due to poor workmanship with electricity and plumbing ultimately leads to a shoddy and unsatisfying end result – not to mention it can be highly dangerous and illegal.

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