The Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations

No longer are bathrooms simply a functional place for us to wash away a hard day’s work. In recent years, we have seen bathrooms transform into a place we go to escape, unwind and relax. As we are spending more and more time in our bathrooms, we want the design and style of the room to give us that ‘de-stress’ atmosphere.

In 2017, we have seen some of the quirkier, novelty trends fade out and as such we’ve seen a rise in the ‘timeless’ look. While smaller tiles, like mosaic, octagonal, penny and subway, will continue to appear, large-format tiling is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom trends this year.

Not only do large-format tiles look minimalistic and stylish, they serve a functional purpose. They are much easier to clean- large tiles mean less grout! The only downside is that large-format tiles and slabs, especially in heavy materials, require a strong substrate and reinforcing this may add costs to your renovation.

Although lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your bathroom renovation, it’s an important element that can completely transform the room. This year we are seeing lighting become more than practicality with flexible options that allow you to change the lighting to suit the time of day as well as your mood. Some of these lighting options include sensor lights and LED strips under joinery, dimmable lights, coloured mood lighting and feature lights.

Style experts have said this year that ‘curves’ are in and we are going back to more organic shapes. Although we are seeing sharp, square bath shapes, experts believe this trend will be short lived and baths with angles aren’t as body friendly as those with rounded contours.

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